Thursday, August 18, 2011

So just who do you want?

Friends, this country is going to be in a world of hurt come next
Summer…leading into fall to November.

I sit here and watch the news, and read the paper, and I have to tell you,
that as one of the main person’s in the Cafeteria Party, we are in trouble.
(for those who don’t read my blog enough to know who the Cafeteria Party is, those are the people who won’t have anything to do with the Democrat Party or the Republican Party and don’t want to be thrown in with the other, for lack of a better word.. kinder word, the off center other parties either) We, of the Cafeteria Party, are on a diet. As the pickings on either side as we walk down the middle are thin and without substance.

So you all out there, don’t want Obama at all. Ok, then whom do you really want? You surely can’t be serious about 98 per cent of Republicans. The only two that are of serious contention is Romney and Cain. And they probably don’t have a chance in hell, with the Tea Party taking over the Republican party… which makes me wonder.. why don’t they just run on their own party?. like the Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians, do.. why do they feel they have to commandeer the Republicans Party? They hang in there like an abscess

But so far, I don’t see anyone I am voting for. NOT ONE… and 98% of them are down right scary… and can’t believe that people with common sense are following these people.


Kay Dennison said...

I think I want to vote 'NO!' for president.

I look at the line up and cringe!

That said, after what we've been through in recent years -- especially the recent you-know-what that threatened my income, I will never vote for another Republican again.

Betty said...

The Republicans welcomed the Tea Party with open arms and thought they could just shove them aside whenever they wanted to. Surprise! The Tea Party got a toe hold and now, the mainstream Republicans are in danger of being trampled. Serves them right.