Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waste of my time....

I am finding there is a lot of things that are wasting my time…
Politics, computers.. (ok, so maybe I should say servers)
But I am tired of reading about politics… what is becoming the
looney farm… and tired of waiting for my dial up so I can get
done with my emails and etc.

Some one told me many, many years ago, that life after 65 is
like a roll of toilet paper… (got that vision? It has stayed with
me forever) Why toilet paper? Because as it gets to the end,
it goes away faster…

So wasting my time with politics, when it won’t even really matter until
next fall.. or even June or when ever they have their party show called
Conventions. So why should I watch this reality show called the crazys of politics?

So I am getting more impatient with what I want to do with my
time. I can handle winters being times of watching the snow fall
and reading a good book or magazine, with a cup of tea.

But I got to say, that beautiful weather like we are having this year.
With the average being 80’s and mornings of high 40’s and low 50’s.
Not too hot, not too cold.. Well, I just can find better things to do with
my toilet paper roll life.

So when you are this far into the post… I got to say, get outside..
Enjoy the day.. make the most of it.. as it is fleeting…


Kay Dennison said...

I still keep reading and writing -- we have a lot of stuff going on in Ohio that will impact me. Ohio is purple so perhaps we have a chance.

Take care!!!!

Word Tosser said...

And as you should, Kay... here in Idaho, we are at a stale mate... and the state is sooooooooooooooo flaming red... Poor Dem's don't have a chance.. but we can hope for balance... so keep writing and I will keep reading..