Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Boy, talk about bad timing...

As you all have seen in the past blog post, we lost one of
our family members....  She passed on Monday, December 7th.
So Pearl Harbor Day will have a more mourning day for us.

On Wednesday, in our mail... we got a letter from the local
funeral home... not the one we used.  Telling us of their
services...  talk about bad timing...  I am sure they didn't
know, as the obituary didn't come out until Wednesday
paper.   We know they had no way of knowing.. but it
sure does hit hard... and yet, you end up laughing... release
I guess...

We had something similar happen to us when the King's
mother passed away 14 years ago... it was an ad for
life insurance... about 3 months after she passed... by
that time I had gotten a sense of humor... And wrote
that I didn't think Mary would be interested in their
insurance, but they could contact her at the cemetery
and gave the plot number..and ask her.
Telling how she had passed 3 months prior.
Got the most apologetic letter back.    Then 5 years
later we got two different letters selling something..
My guess is someone sold her name to some companies.
Wrote to them and told them to remove her name as
she had passed away 5 years prior.   Nothing back
from them..

It where you want to say.. boy did you get the wrong

number... luckily we can laugh about it now. 

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Mari Meehan said...

Laughing always helps even if it's macabre. Its our best defense mechanism!