Thursday, December 03, 2015

What is wrong with God's model?

We have had in the past, clone sheep. I think
even a baby in England.. That has to be at
least 20 years ago... haven't heard how all
that turn out.. From what I understand the
baby is still alive and well (who must be
a teen or young 20's by now) but have not
hear about anymore of them.  Neither child
or sheep wise.

The other thing of great protest is Monsanto's
insistent of doing gene changing of our food.
There are about 30 countries who have banned
it. Hawaii has banned it.. Why in heaven's name
the rest of our country has not, blows my mind.
I know when they tried to at least have it marked
so we customers could make a choice, there was
a great push out of state interest to put it down
and it did not pass. Some times voters are crazy.
I don't understand the want of this program.
It is like us neutering all males. How not having
a seed or plant with seeds not be able to have
them used again... is beyond me. What happens
when every USA plant does not reseed?  Then
I guess we will have to look at the countries
who were smart enough to ban GMO.  The
fact that the government is behind or protecting
GMO, really baffles me.  It isn't just the idea
of no reseeding... but it is coming to light that
there are health issues to it.

But that isn't enough for those who like this. Changing
of God's plan... now we have interest and studies of
Gene editing... So the scientist can do some editing
to get rid of a bad health gene out of children.  And
of course, then they will go further trying to get the
perfect child.  This is a very dangerous idea in my
book..   To me God has perfected everything he
has created.  Yes, there are flaws.. but those flaws
are part of life.   I suppose there are those who
want the perfect life.. in every form, but I am not
one of them.. Life is humbling.. something I see as
a good trait.

In my humble opinion... God's model has been doing
just fine for over thousands and thousands of years.

Why mess with it. 

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