Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas isn't fun any more...

I have said that Christmas is for kids.. and it is..
Nothing brings out the brightness and sparkle of
Christmas than thru the eyes of a child.

But as an adult, with no little ones in my life
local... Christmas pretty much sucks.  It is
just another day, with lots of commercial hype.
Buy this.. buy that...

It isn't just because this year Christmas has gotten
knocked out by tragedy in our family and also
our friend who lost a son 2 weeks ago.. We just
don't do well at this time of the year.

The King and I kind of ruin it for those who want
to do for us at Christmas time.. but when we have
needs, we go out and buy it.  So trying to figure out
how to surprise us with something..  it is hard.. even
with the King and I with each other.  Like this year.
During Black Friday, they had tablets on sale.. so
he told me to go get it.. he needed a tool.. go get it.

What we really like to do.. and maybe in 2016 we
can do it.. as he will be retired.. but go way from
Christmas.. go to the beach.. even if it is cold and
windy... it is still cool to see. and even bundled up

and walk it..   Maybe next year.. 

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