Monday, December 07, 2015

Pearl Harbor

The younger generation has read about this.
My generation lived part of it as we were
just small children.. I, personally was only
a year and half old.  My father worked
for the government.. as a torpedo assembler. 
So he did not go overseas.

But there were a lot of children's fathers that did
go over to fight the World War II fight. Some
never return.  Never getting to know their father's
just as it is happening now, as our young troops
are over in the Mid-East fighting or policing the

War is hell.  I know that was said a long time ago.
And this one, the WWII, was suppose to be the
last war.. We learn nothing. The world has seen
the pictures, video's, films of Pearl Harbor.. they
have seen the video's/film and pictures of the Japanese
cities that we bombed, yet each country signs up
for settling the differences by ammo.  The only
difference of the two wars, is the WWII bunch
valued life.  Yes, they killed each other, but bottom
line they valued life. The ones we have now, do not.
The only good human of other faiths or countries,
to these people, are a dead human.. no matter what
country they come from .

Sad as we look back at Pearl Harbor, and then the
end of the war in 1945... that it was not the end of
all wars.

To all those who fought the World War II, and there
are a few still around.. more than you think... to all of
you.. Thank you for your service.  My generation still

remembers the price you paid. 

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