Monday, June 22, 2015

2's and 3's and teens

June 22, 2015
2's and 3's and teens......

Your children will not start to understand
you, until their children reach their 2's and

And that will open the door part way to
understanding. Then when those children
reach their teen years, it will blow the doors
off to your child understanding you, thru
raising their own.

What is the old saying.. that your child thinks
you are so old fashion, don't know anything
when they are in their teens, and when they
reach their 20's they are amazed at how
smart you are.

It is hard to get across to another, the reasons
of life, especially your own children.  They
just don't get you, after all they know they
can be trusted.  Right?

So don't give up hope, sadly it will take a
while for them to get the ah ha moment.

Tomorrow.. hopefully I will have my pictures

in order ... to show you where I went last week.  

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