Monday, June 29, 2015

As the Nation turns..changes

Life as we know it, has changed.. last week.
Some think for the better, some are upset.

Affordable care and same sex marriages..
The subjects have been in the news for years.
And in the hands of the Supreme Court for months.
And now the decisions have been brought forth.

But I am sure that will not end the debate.
That people won't just let things be.  The Republicans
have been trying over and over to get Affordable care
thrown out how many times? 33 I think the last count was. 
So will this finally end the hashing and rehashing? 
Will the forth coming elections with the many candidates
who have thrown their hat in the ring, drop how they
will get rid of Affordable care?  One can only hope..
but I am not holding my breath.  Will they drop the anti
gay marriages debate?  We can only hope....but
again, I am not holding my breath.

It would be a wonderful moment in history, if the
decisions would just let people be. Let us all get on
with out trying to force our opinions on others. Get
on with life, keeping our jobs, decent wages, owning
a home.. keeping our home fronts safe. 

Let the same sex get married. What does that do to
you, personally? Are they going to get married in
your house? No... are they asking you to attend?
Unless you are a friend.. then No.  Let's get to the
point of no matter where you are on this subject..
that when a gay person in your office, or wherever,
says they are getting married... you can just say...
that is nice.  And let it go.

But somehow, I don't think that is going to happen.
Maybe those of us who are happy for the gays to have
the same rights that the rest of us do.. can stand up and
say to the others.. when the rant starts.. "Oh, just
drop it.. I don't want to listen to you".. and walk
away.  After all, it is a form of bullying..

To all of you who now are free to get marriage.. welcome
to the club.. you get all the glee, joy and bumps and lumps
like the rest of us..   Some one to come home to, someone
to go out with for dinner, some one to go on vacation with,
someone who will love you..... and of course, some one
to fight with, to divorce, to have community property to
have to divide.. child support payments.. and visitations
rights..   just like the rest of us.   But it will be worth the


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