Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Memories with the kids....

Building great memories for the kids...and it doesn't take much.
Camping by the river on the ground in sleeping bags... my
oldest son had to make the fire because I can't start a fire
to save my life...   And at the age of 10, he swirled the stick
on top of another stick and got the fire going.. Heck I can't
even with matches..  Waking up at sunlight and fishing.
Great memories..

When we moved to R.I. for my husband's Marv's health, we
had  few adventures...   We did what is called Stuffies..
Stuffies is clams that are boiled in water.. more like steamed.
Then ground up, with onions and bread crumbs...mixed with
clam juice and salt and pepper.  Then that mixture is rolled
up into balls, and put back in to the quahog shell.  Wrapped
in silver foil and put on a cookie sheet and baked. 
We had an assembly line going. There was my 5 kids, and
my brother's two, his wife and I keeping the line going and
helping out. My brother was the clam cooker and grinder.
He had I think 3 gunny sacks of Quahogs. 
For those from the west coast, that is a large clam. 
And Stuffies taste so good..  My husband
Marv thought we were crazy and he wasn't going to eat that
stuff..  Well, talked him in to one.. and he ate 6 more.

We did things as a family.. team work.. be it going out to
the woods to get wood for heat or going to the beach.. It
was all fun.  The wood....we would find old slag piles that
the loggers or forest dept. left behind.. They would be burnt
in a couple of days.  We would go up and Marv would cut
sliced logs.. and the boys would bring them to the truck and
my daughter and I would load it.. And then once home with
a load, we would unload it and it would be split. Not always
a fun thing.. but it was something we did. Now memories.

There were plenty of fishing trips to the rivers near where
we lived over the years in different states.  Something the
kids still like doing.
There were snowmobile rides, and races..  Making snow
men in the middle of the night.... as I would get the kids
up if we had a large snow fall after bed time..
So always do things with your kids.. leaves lasting memories.

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