Wednesday, June 24, 2015

IT'S A GUN.... IT'S A FLAG.... IT'S A..............

Do you remember in the days of comics and early
television.. when Superman came on.. IT'S A BIRD

Watching the news on the South Carolina church murders,
I get the same feeling of the people, especially in the media,
are running around pointing and trying play the blame

First off, the usual... the gun.. let's get rid of guns.. that is
the first cry when ever there is a shooting..
Now it is the flag fault, that flies from the state capital.
What is next to be blamed? 

And why isn't the real reason yelled?  The same reason for
all murders, especially public mass murders?  The obvious.
At least it is obvious to me...  why aren't they screaming about
mental health? The warp mind, the radical mind? Why not

Nothing makes me more sick, then the interview of the
friends and family, or the local police.  HE/SHE has had
many problems in the past. Some times HE/SHE scared me
with their way of thinking..... I knew some day he/she was
going to go off the deep end.  Yes, we have been called on
this person several times, the police will say.  HELLO...
why something wasn't done about getting help for that

Oh, I get it.. Let's talk about taking guns away from
millions of sane, respectful, legal gun owners... that is
ok.. but for the love of God, let us not infringe on the
rights of an individual who might go off the deep end?

Now I am not from the South, so I don't get excited about
the call of the rebel flag of the civil war.  To me, it is just
a flag.  Should the flag stay or go? Should it be placed
somewhere else besides the state capital.. only the people
of the South can decide that.  To me it is just a flag, a large
piece of material.. which represents the people of the Southern
states, who decide to take on the Federal government. Which
brought on a war... a war, by the way, didn't not have actually
to do with slavery... slavery was the side cause... at least that
was the reason given when I was studying it in high school
many years ago.. And read a couple times over the years.

The honest truth is ... Mr. Foot, if he had no access to a gun,
would have found another way.. like bomb, fire or what ever
came to his demented mind.  Keeping all guns away from
people will not stop murders.. but getting help for the people
who have broken minds, just might help a great deal..

Take the money that is given for banning guns.. and use it
for mental health.  Mental health, sadly under funded...

Also years ago, I said, that I thought in 2nd or 3rd grade,
there should be a class in tolerance. To be re-enforced
every 3 years... like 6th...9th... 12th... Maybe if we are
all taught tolerance there would be less hatred.. after all,

we hate what we don't understand. 


marlu said...

Times roll on. When I was a kid we didn't have times in class to studying about bullying and the reason it was bad. I think we were taught to respect other people though. We had one boy who was developmentally challenged and I never heard anyone make fun of him or treat him badly. Maybe it happened and I just didn't see it but I know I felt sad that he was what we called "crippled" and he was a slow learner.

When my granddaughter told me that they studied about bullying and that they shouldn't do it, I was amazed. This happened about nine years ago. Reading things on the internet shows me that those classes were not very successful.

Mari Meehan said...

Great post.