Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Adult AAD

Hello, my name is Cis... I suffer from Adult
Attention Deficiency

I am not making light of those children who do suffer
from this real disease.  Thankfully they have meds to
help these children find a norm in the middle of all
the craziness of the world.

But I am acknowledging the adult side of this.. Some
have this very seriously as well.. and some think it leads
to Alzheimer.

But  the rest of us, can have some humor for this.

So you see for years I thought I was multi-tasking. But now
I find I have a hard time staying on the same task. Still
doing many task.. but going at it like my life is a maze.
I have to really discipline myself to stay in the one room and
finish the job. 

Otherwise it goes like this.. Gather up the wash and take it
to the washer.. push buttons and start.. Go over to the sink
and take dishes and put them in the dish washer.  Go to the
table and take a plate off the table, place it on the sink, and
take the papers you need to shred to the back room and shred
them in the shredder, and see a envelope on the bed. Take
the envelope to the file cabinet.. place it on top, because
you see the pen you have been looking for .. for 3 days.
Take the pen back to the table, You see a book you were
going to you go to the bedroom and get the large
envelope, and straighten up the desk while you are there.
Pick up your shoes and put them in the closet, and head
out of the room, then remember placing the envelope on
the bed..  Take the envelope to the table, ... dog needs to
go out to pee, so you walk out the door with her.. see the
plants need to be watered... then get the pots you left
yesterday off the deck and place in the shed.. You hear
the washer buzzer go off,   You put them in the dryer.

So you take the wash out and
put it on the couch to be folded. Go back to the bedroom
get the other wash and take it to the washer..  Start it up,
forgot to take some thing out of the freezer, bring that in
the house. While grabbing the broom on the way out
of the garage.. so you can sweep the deck. Phone rings,
and you answer that.. conversation for a few minutes.
Hang up.. oh, so and so is on Facebook.. that shoots down
a half hour.. Buzzer for dryer, so  you take the wash out and
put it on the couch to be folded

Oh, there is the envelope for the books to send out.. Get
that set up,  Where did I put the keys?  Oh, there is the
other pen you lost a couple days ago.  There is the book
I was going to start today..   Uh, ho there is the clothes I
didn't fold up..  Now what was it I was starting in the first
place? Oh, it was chopping up the stuff for salad for to
nights dinner...  Well, you get the idea..  Instead of

mulit-tasking.. it is mixed up tasking.. 

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Marianne Love said...

Very common disorder. I wonder if there is a 12-step group for dealing with this, or would we need 400 steps because we're doing so many things at the same time. You're not alone!