Thursday, September 08, 2016


Fall the time to put all the stuff you took out last Spring.. and throw
away the rest…  With me it is yard art… little statues, flags, spinners and etc.

Fall, when we start to slow down from the rush of fun of summer. The sun that makes us feel good, the fun, the family trips and get togethers.  To head towards winter.

Fall gives us beauty, and harvest of our fruits and veggies.  With brisk days to let us know the cold, snow and ice are on their way.

For me, and others my age, it also means aches and pains of the cold on our bones. Some even head to the South to recoup that warm days. But personally I like the 4 seasons.  Just gets me a little bit more, to get in gear.  More clothes.

I am also a daylight person. Meaning in the summer when the sun comes up at 5am, I am up too, but when winter comes …we get daylight about 8.. and that is when I get my body to roll out.  Fall means 7am.  I can get up earlier, if needed, but my body clock doesn’t start until those times.

Seems like the world is in the same mode.. Even the political face seems to be in idle gear. I thought we had at least one debate by now.. not just a talking forum for each. Which is fine with me.

Got most of the stuff put away, the garden is withering away, with still ripening produce, too early to put out the shavings or straw… too early, thankfully for the winter clothes, but they aren’t far from my mind in the early morning.   

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