Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Wedding and deaths....

My blogging has been spotty at best. And it isn’t going
to be much better… as we still have more to do. October
should be better.  We will be heading out around the 20th
of the month. And the grandkids are watching over our house
and Misty again.

See Team Gord is meeting once again… but sadly not for a good reason.. The King’s best friend of 44+ years.. passed away the
last week of August.  We made a rush trip to his house, to be the legs for the girls who could not get a flight out on short notice.. so we took care of getting a funeral home lined up, getting his personal effects from the place where he was rehabbing.. And
then we left.  With a promise if needed we would return to help them clean out the house.. You can only imagine how huge of a task this will be.

Before we left, as you saw in my posting.. in August.. we had to put our cat of 10+ years down..  So there is an emptiness in the house, that even her buddy the dog feels.

After we cleared Gord’s house… we headed up into Washington.
Getting to enjoy our kids for a day or two each. Even got to visit my ex-in-laws who are very dear to me.  Got to spend the night at one son’s house. To enjoy his family.  His wife and 3 of their children who are still living at home.  And also to enjoy the tradition that I have with this particular family…. That is water fights. And true to tradition it was a good soaking time.  I was properly drowned.. to the delight of the kids.  This tradition goes back about 10 years or so. 

Then there was the WEDDING!!
We arrived the day before.. and got to help out with decorations on Friday as well as all day Saturday… and at 6:30pm… the King and I lined up with the other parents for our dutiful walk to the seating area, where all the guest were sitting.  It was a beautiful wedding. Went off without a hitch… even though one of my great granddaughter decided it was her job to stand next to her dad, who was the usher/best men.. (what ever you call the line of men on the groom side).  She went to the empty chairs and collected all of the tissues and bubble blowers, and gave them to dad… just a very small (her in stature as well as moments) diversion.  The bride and groom, walked up the aisle as MR. AND MRS… and we all follow a bit later.   There was great food.. great conversations.. and then of course the bride dancing with her father, with the groom following shortly behind with his mother… me…   It was a great wedding and we are blessed with another wonderful daughter in law.

We bid everyone good night about 9pm… as we were pulling out for home at 6am.. and no one gets up that early. Lol… Lots of hugs, and show of appreciation for the merging families. Each side getting more grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Then at the crack of dawn, and a slight circling of one small town to find the correct entrance to HWY 5… we were on our way. And at 3pm we pulled into our driveway… So happy to see home and knowing we would get to sleep in our own bed finally.  Of course the following days were full of washing clothes and reclaiming our house.. as the grandkid were watching it.. and did a great job and dutly spoiled our Misty.

It is good to be home.. going to enjoy it for 2 weeks before we have to pull out again.  Sure looking forward to October

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Mari Meehan said...

Maybe, just maybe we can connect in Oct. before we head out! Sorry about your friend - Ken was certainly a most devoted one.