Tuesday, September 13, 2016

So much sadness in the headlines....

Native American’s sprayed with pepper spray, and threaten by
dogs… while trying to protect their water and their burial grounds.

But even worse….. in the Spokane, Wa. area… 4 children..
4 toddlers… age 2 or less…. Killed..  by parents/caretaker…
One of them killed by a boyfriend, while the toddler mother
went to pick up some groceries… What the Hell.. he could
not hold it together .. what half hour while she got food?
And then placed the toddler on the floor with a blanket over him, so it looked like he was asleep.. What the hell?
The second one.. was a shaking death by the toddler’s FATHER!!!
The third one… was found dead behind a recliner that the father was sleeping in.. while the mother slept on the couch.. They had been out partying with friends… came home and fell asleep.. No one seems to know if there was a baby sitter? Did the baby sitter leave and the parents passed out?... Even the parents don’t know… Some party.
And the last one… was found dead in a house… no one around.
Remember all of these children are/were 2 and younger.

So heart breaking… 

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