Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rose colored glasses?

I was accused of wearing rose color glasses….many years ago.
I always seem to find the good in things.. and chose not to dwell on the bad things…  so this person found that to be foolish…

I am now beginning to think that person is right..  as life is going by, I thought I knew what to be true.. only to be over and over shown that I have been so wrong…  That I only looked at the surface of things. Even though I thought I was looking at the whole picture.

But the more I read, the more I learn things are not like I thought. Even in my cynical eyes..(I never thought I looked thru rose colored glasses) is far worse than I imagine.

Just look at the political system… this election is by far the worse I have seen in my years. And that goes way back to the 60’s.  Even though I knew deals were made in the back smoking room of the Congress… where twisting of the arms of new congress people.. and even old… was common.  Common, back to the days of Sam Huston days. And I am sure before that.  

I knew that Wall Street was run by the very rich or those who were crooked enough or smart enough to get ahold of other peoples money… I read years ago, the tangle mess that we the general public can’t even imagine. That the movies of Wall Street and etc.. only hit on the very tip of the iceberg.

Some where, I thought, we the common blue collar workers, still had a chance … to get our niche…. Maybe not the extent of those of bonuses in the thousands and etc.  But our own little world, our own little town and neighborhood. 

For the most part.. that last one still has some truth in it.. in some towns and states…and thankfully we that do have that kind of town, see the good of people… the ones who are the ones to come together for some one with cancer, or some other ailment. Or a house burns down.. There are still those who give a helping hand.  And it seems to be the ones who have little, who will help the most.  Thank God we still have these people, for life would be unbearable, if we didn’t have them.  And hopefully we are one of them…

But nationally? I have given up all hope.  We have the election that I call the SHIP OF FOOLS… there is NO WINNER there… and we seem to be the losers, no matter who wins.

I keep hoping that as in the past, when we thought we were almost doomed, that we came to laugh about it later in life. I keep hoping this too will be one of those times.  But the cynic of me, doubts it will be in my life time. People are too busy yelling about what about me.. that I matter (no matter what the color or job) …. Too busy walking over a nation within ours… the Native Americans… for money… too busy with where is mine…  instead of how can we fix this. How can we help?  

Maybe I am my grandfather’s child… he said these are the worse of times… he was talking about hippies, the Vietman, and the protesters, and etc. 

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Mari Meehan said...

Unfortunately the "good people" don't run for office!