Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Computer frustration

My computer over the weekend froze up. Nothing I clicked on reacted. Zilch!... 

So called my daughter, because there is a guy who works with her, that I have trusted my computer with before..  He is great.  So off to the computer whiz on Monday and Tuesday am, I had it back.

What dawn on me as I was waiting for it.. was all the information I have on this machine, that I should be copying down.  It isn’t the pictures so much as it is the information..  So I better get myself some disc and down load them..   That is on my chore list for the week.

Funny how we of the older generations, who use to write things down. .and file them.. Now we put them in a folder on the computer. And now if the computer goes dead.. there goes all that information.  Not sure if I like that or not. 
We are all, passwords and numbers.  Without them.. you can’t access anything that is your’s personal.  You can call on the phone but without your password/number?  You are done in.   I have a book with 99% of mine.  Crazy… I use to be me.. just me. My brain kept that kind of information. .. No more.

So on my goal list of things to do this week, is to make a copy of the information and also download my latest pictures.

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