Wednesday, August 29, 2018



I have been hanging on with my tips of fingers to summer.
Still wearing shorts and tank tops.. but instead of the early
morning… it is more like noon.   As the mornings are averaging 55.   The hot sun is gone… went somewhere during our smoke outs from all the fires in Idaho and the ones drifting down from Canada and across from Washington state… 

The smoke got so bad that people were wearing mask to the stores… my heart really went out to those with breathing problems in the first place and the smoky days almost did them in. Mandatory staying in their houses, with windows shut and curtains to help keep the smoke out of their houses. 

But now we are heading into September, and the temps are a lot lower than 3 weeks ago before the smoke.

It always makes me sad when summer winds down, and fall starts. Fall is beautiful with all its glory of colors.. but I prefer the summer temps, and long days of sunshine.  I live for sunshine.  And as you age, the summers seem shorter.  
I am not ready to put my tank tops and shorts away, quite yet… hoping for a long Indian summer… but in my heart of hearts I know that winter will be upon us before we know it.

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