Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Your word..


Is your word any good?  Is it worth anything?
Promises kept?

Part of your character is your word.  And on that is whether people trust you or not.
I really tried to impress on my children when they were young, how important their word is .. seems simple enough.. but it isn’t always simple..  It is like trust.. you take a while to build it up, but one bad move, it gets wiped away.

If you give your word.. people who know your word is worthy, will trust you.  They know what you say will be true.  If you give your word, that you will do something.. they know you will.. If you give your word that a product you are selling, is of good quality, they will know they can trust it.

Just like a promise.. I never promised my kids nor my friends something… I would tell them I will try my very best to do what ever it is.  Or a promise with a disclaimer.. I promise I will do this, UNLESS, something comes up that prevents me from doing it. Because in life… one can never depend on everything turning out like you think it will. Things just happens.

These days, it is so important because to a lot of people their word isn’t worth the time to talk.  To some, they want your word, but they don’t feel they have to keep theirs.

So how good is your word?

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