Tuesday, September 04, 2018

OH PLEASE, PLEASE …give me a human

OH PLEASE, PLEASE …give me a human

I am so sick and tired of making phone calls or receiving calls and being told to push 1 for this one or 2 if it is this one… or if receiving…..  says yes, if you are so and so..
Say your birthday date…   OH PLEASE, GIVE ME A HUMAN.

When it comes to calls on the phone, for anything important dealing with finances or health issues… my husband HATES talking..  (other wise he is a chatty cathy with his friends)  Half the time he doesn’t know the answers anyway, because I run the finances and I keep his health records straight. But when you are talking to a machine.. it all goes down hill. Because I can say yes, or no, I can push 1 or 2  or 8.. but if they heard a female’s voice, the machine knows it is suppose to be a male voice, it goes down hill fast.  And punching the O  for humans.. doesn’t work.. when computers talk to humans. 

So he struggles with it, gets madder by the minute and ends up punching off…. And then the cuss words.. Especially when they don’t like his answers.. or he has to put in each prescription number for each meds.. It just isn’t pretty…

Our thoughts was… what if it was an 83 old man or even a women who is not internet/computer savvy?  No wonder there are so much problems.. Oh, yea..  the health insurance computer forward the call to the pharmacy computer.. which went instantly.. but was so confusing, he hung up and told me to go to the pharmacy and find out what the HELL is going on..  Which they had no clue..

Happy 70th  birthday, Sandee

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