Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Not so good tonight

Not so good tonight… 

Saw a sign that said…

One of my greatest accomplishment, is
To keep my mouth shut even when I am ticked off…

And I do …. Do my best to keep my mouth shut
most of the time, telling myself, that this is none of
My business… or no matter what I say, it isn’t going to change anything.. so don’t waste my breathe.

But I didn’t do so well tonight..
I was at my town council meeting tonight.
In the past we could inject information or our
opinion as long as we stayed on subject and it
was really, really short.   But they tighten up the
Rules about a year ago.. so I have put my hand
over my mouth so I won’t say anything.

I didn’t do very well tonight.. because my mouth
opened up..  We have a new council person who
frustrates the heck out of me.  Even when things are
explained to her in the simplest form..  she doesn’t understand and then votes no…As simple has the council deciding to change one of their bank saving account to another bank where they could get more interest. She couldn’t get it.  Even after being explained 4 times.. so she voted no… thank goodness the other 3 voted yes. 
Tonight she didn’t want to defer a permit for a non profit bus service… so the customers could have a place to sit and be out of the weather.. She voted no… Because she didn’t want to use tax paying money (or the lost of tax paying money) for a private company.  The fact that it would be for the residents of this fair town.. didn’t care.  YET, she wanted the tax payers to pay for a code book for HER… her own private one.   Paid for by the good taxpayers of our town..Even though there is 3 different access for that book of codes. It is on line, the city has one at the hall, and a call to the clerk will give her information and print it out.   

Sorry but my mouth runneth over… and yes I did get into trouble with it. 

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Betty said...

I have a bad case of "foot-in-mouth disease" too, and I, too get in trouble for it. So, I can emphasize with you. All I can say is, "They'll get over it." lol