Thursday, February 04, 2010

Blogging Time, Announcements, and Sarah

I have my blog comments connected to my email. So if some
one comments on my blog, it goes into my email. Even if
they comment on an old post. Which happen today.
There was one from a year or so ago. So I went to read
my post to see what it was about it, and how it connected
to her comment. The weird thing is when I go back to an
old post, especially if it is one that is years ago, I am
surprised that I wrote it. I know I did, but it is still a
surprise that I did. I wonder if other bloggers have the
same reaction. It is like I wrote it and then detached from

How many people find it odd that they are still running
the June 17,2009 announcement about the coming of
digital tv. And to call if you have questions. What I find
odd about it is..... if you can read that .. then you must
have either a digital tv or you have the converter. Other
wise you couldn't read it to get the information they want
you to call about.

And yesterday was a reminder of how the name of
Palin still pulls at people. On Facebook, a person
put in his status, the question of ........
Am I the only who's teeth grind when they hear Sarah Palin speak?
The fact that this woman could possibly hold a major public office one day makes me cringe
Thru the night it pulled over 79 comments (unusual for
Facebook comments unless it is a commerical site)of
both sides. With the Sarah lovers a little
more heated, and the others bewildered by
their thoughts.
Seems like Sarah is the Liberace of the politics.
What was the saying? He laughed all the way to
the bank? Same can be said of Sarah.


stebbijo said...
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Word Tosser said...

The comment that was left has been deleted... Not due to subject but due to length... if at any time, anyone has a problem with what I write else where ... there is an email address to use.
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Word Tosser said...

I repeat.... Stebbijo, you are welcome to email me...