Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Throwing money at it.....

Why is it we start throwing money at
these problems? I understand why we
send supplies. But money? And even
if we are sending money to Red Cross,
(I still don't trust them) ... why do we
send money to Haiti or Louisiana after
a while? We just throw the money at it.
And by the way, how come the Bushes
both of them, and Clinton are drumming
up money? Where is theirs? They can
afford it a lot better than we can.

Now there are stories coming out of Haiti
about government and UN stockpiling
the supplies, and waiting? Waiting for
what? Also stories of black-marketing.

The little boy who sends his piggy bank
money, the kids who do car washes, the
people who are standing in the middle of
the road with boots asking for money for
for Haiti, aren't doing this for the officials
to stockpile.

As much as I hate to say maybe Rush is
right. (I think I am getting sick to my stomach)
but maybe we should not be sending money
to Haiti but to the hospitals here who are
sending over Drs. Give them the money to
buy the supplies to take with them.

countdown 14 days


Word Tosser said...

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Anonymous said...

Try donating to Doctors Without Borders, they work not only in Haiti, but offer medical assistance all over the world. $5.00 won't break anyone's budget.