Monday, February 01, 2010

As Long as you have a mother....

AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A MOTHER..... you will always be a kid..
My mother send me a graffiti cartoon with this on it. I was about
40 years old at the time.

My first reaction was, yeah, right.
But the more I thought about it,
it is true.

Think about it. No matter how old you are, your mother
still thinks of you as a kid. Even if she doesn't say so.
And she still can push the buttons, like she did when
you were a kid. At least mine could.

Now that I am on the top side of this. Top side? Meaning
the mother and old... do I treat my kids (opps, I guess I
think that way)... like kids. I sure hope not. I think I would
be a little hurt if they thought of me like that. As I don't try
to make them feel that way. In fact thru years, I have slipped
up and did the deed... but then went back and apologized,
and told the child, that I was wrong... it is their life to do what
they want to do with it. They are adults now.

And actually they have done very well with it. Every time I have
mentally second guess them, they have pulled thru quite well,
without my help. That is one of the reasons why I am so
proud of them.

Count down... 16 more days...

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