Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday's best email of the week

Observations on Growing Older
Your kids are becoming you...and you don't like them ...
but your grandchildren are perfect!
~Going out is good. Coming home is better!
~When people say you look "Great"... they add "for your age!"
~When you needed the discount you paid full price. Now you get discounts on everything ... movies, hotels, flights, but you're too tired to use them.
~You forget names ... but it's OK because other people forgot they even knew you!!!
~The 5 pounds you wanted to lose is now 15, and you have a better chance of losing your keys than the 15 pounds.
~You realize you're never going to be really good at anything .... especially golf.
~Your husband is counting on you to remember things you don't remember.
~The things you used to care to do, you no longer care to do, but you really do care that you don't care to do them anymore..
~Your husband sleeps better on a lounge chair with the TV blaring than he does in bed. It's called his "pre-sleep".
~Remember when your mother said "Wear clean underwear in case you GET in an accident"? Now you bring clean underwear in case you HAVE an accident!
~You used to say, "I hope my kids GET married ... Now, "I hope they STAY married!"
~You miss the days when everything worked with just an "ON" and "OFF" switch..
~When GOOGLE, ipod, email, modem ... were unheard of, and a mouse was something that made you climb on a table.
~You used to use more 4 letter words ... "what?"..."when?" ??? ~Now that you can afford expensive jewelry, it's not safe to wear it anywhere.
~Your husband has a night out with the guys but he's home by 9:00 P.M. week it will be 8:30 P.M.
~You read 100 pages into a book before you realize you've read it..
~What used to be freckles are now liver spots. ~Everybody whispers.
~Now that your husband has retired ... you'd give anything if he'd find a job!
~You have 3 sizes of clothes in your closet .... 2 of which you will never wear.
~~~But old is good in some things:
old songs
old movies
And best of all OLD FRIENDS!!

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