Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rhode Island 101

In the links below here to the left is
NY System Hot Weiners and Other RI Favorites!
I don't know why it is called NY System Hot Weiners
if they are R.I. favorites. But if you click on that link,
you will find not only R.I. related things but also great
Italian stuff....
On that site they have a book in their store. It is called
Rhode Island 101... which I have had a ball reading.
I knew that the first person who was jailed for a speeding
ticket was in R.I. (for doing 20 mph) and a few other first.

Like Newport having the first Synagogue in the United States.
But I did not know that the Quakers took it over for a while and
it was used for underground railroad for blacks.

I knew that Ann Hutchinson settled Portsmouth, where my
parents lived. Which was next to Middletown where I was
raised. What I didn't know was she was the first woman to
settle a town in United States.

I knew R.I. was settled by Roger Williams in 1636 and he did
it for religious freedoms. And I knew about the foresaid Jewish
people. But I didn't realize Quakers were also there.

I knew that R.I. was the last to sign on to be a state. But I didn't
know that the Providence Journal is the longest running newspaper
which was started in 1829, in United States.

R.I. was and still is made up of mostly Portuguese, Italians, French,
Irish, African and English families. Each one making their mark on the state.
The Irish for lawyers and politics, Italians and Portuguese were the best
farmers and fishermen. Also the Portuguese are the best craftsmen of the
famous stone walls that are to this day markers for land. Just to name

And you can't talk about R.I. without talking about the Mafia. Which
controlled most of the upper area of R.I. From Raymond Patriarce, who
even showed up in court on a hospital stretcher, and when he died we
thought there should be the words "See I told you I was sick"., on his
gravestone. Of course there is Buddy Cianci, which I wrote about before, who
would give the Illinois Governor a run for his money.

And of course they say we talk funny. I have gotten rid of most of
mine accent. But still have someone catch me in some of it. We
have cellars back there, not basement. And if you want a milkshake,
then you ask for a cabinet. Although if you are from Newport, you ask
for the best... which is an Awful Awful... if you could drink 3 of them
in a row, you got a free one. And be sure to tell the waiters you don't
want milk in your coffee, because it comes that way. And Dunkin
Donuts still has the best coffee in the land. And we love our Stuffies, or
Johnny Cakes.
And our parent's sister is our Aunt (ant) sound alike to people can't tell
if we are saying potty and party, cotta or carter, dark or dock and several
other words..

There is wonderful history in R.I. From the start of the Revolutionary War.
The Naval War College, the mansions of the very rich of the 1890's to
1920's that were lived in until the 1950's to 60's. And now open for
the public. It is mind blowing to see these homes, to find out they
were built for 2 months a year in the summer. Bath tubs with hot
and cold faucets for regular water as well as salt water. Well, worth
the sights. All of R.I. is....

So if you would like to read about R.I. and buy the book which is
under $20.00... and listen to the music, click on
NY System Hot Wieners and Other RI Favorites! - Rhode Island Wieners.

I think it is always interesting to read about your own state. You think you
know, but there are so many facts you find as a surprise.


Paul said...

RI has an amazing history. Too bad we weren't taught more of in in public high schools.

My accent is pretty much gone. I've been living in FL for 5 years.

Speaking of hot dogs, Ben's Chili Dogs on Broadway in Newport is the place to go. Chili, cheese and onion dogs just melt in your mouth!

Word Tosser said...

you are so right, Paul...
And Flo's which goes back before the 40's (in Tiverton) is still the best for anything clam..

Moderator said...


Thank you for your outstanding blog post regarding my Rhode Island website, and the book Rhode Island 101.It is deeply appreciated.
Rhode Island is a very unique state, with a rich and colorful past that is often overlooked and confused with Long Island, NY. There are many people who do not know anything about Rhode Island or where it is on the map.
Thank you for helping me to make people more aware of this smallest state, which carries so much history and nostalgia.

MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVED RI.... with a passion....everything about it... al of it.... your parents live in Portsmouth :) see, we are more connected then I thought, I was born in Portsmouth LOL... which is our postal address and our local town....


MarmiteToasty said...

the PO7 in my address stands for Portsmouth 7 :)