Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Empty Container....

We wives have all seen the empty plate
in the refrig. You know the one who that
had food on it, the last time you saw it.

Or the jar with a teaspoon of what ever it
is that is in the jar. What is with that?
And is it a guy thing? In other words, women,
have you done it too?

Just before Christmas, we were given a
jar of delicious apple jelly. So I have been
only taking a little bit for breakfast, so it
will last a long time. And where we keep
our jelly/jams, is in the door of the refrig.
You can only see the top of the jars. So
if you know the color or type of the jelly/jam
you know which one you want.

I had decided to eat some of the commercial
ones, so I could keep my apple jelly longer.
Well, you can imagine the drop of my jaw,
when I lifted it out of the door, on Christmas
Eve morning... and saw... at the most 2 table
spoons of apple jelly!! Last I had seen it it was
half full, a week before.

Remember I am eating the commercial one, as
I can buy as much as the store can stock. And
all I can see is jar lids when I reach inside to get
a jar.

Why do guys do that? I guess I should consider
myself lucky, as there was enough to put on my

1 comment:

Dogwalk said...

Sort of like leaving the gas tank empty then sending you on an errand! It's a guy thing.