Thursday, January 07, 2010

The King

You all know I love the King beyond words.
But sometimes he blows my mind.

The King's biological body clock wakes him
up at 4 a.m. Probably due to the years of two
different jobs that had him up at 3:30 or 4 a.m.
To be at work by 5 a.m. But he and the dog watch
television and falls asleep in the recliner.

My body aurora stirs in a fog in the winter about
7 a.m. (unless I am working) and my feelers check
to see if it is.... a. warm b. is it daylight yet? If
it is yes, it is cold or still dark, I cuddle down in the
covers until 7:30 am.

But twice now in the past month and half, the
King has decided to step into the threshold of
our bedroom and bellow his proclamation of what
is on his mind. "NO, YOU DID NOT LOCK THE DOOR!!
(I am sure I did but this is not the point) as my body
aurora has been lifted off the mattress and slam
dunked down, while my heart is in cardio arrest mode.
What ever possess a man to do such a thing? AND,
where in that message did it become an emergency?
Why could the message not wait until 7-7:30 a.m.?

Where I would have probably have said, "I thought I
did--sorry", but instead I lay there pissed off. He has
left the room, justified he has made his point. And I
rise up and head to, the bathroom and glare at him.

Then to make matters worse...he gives me the
innocent look of "what, are you up?"

Why? Why? Do they feel they may not remember
later? Because surely it could have waited.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Sounds very familiar. Remember it's not the boulder in the road, but the gravel in your shoe that gets to you.