Monday, January 25, 2010

Fat is my Destiny????

Fat is my Destiny???

342 days of Wii fit and Active and still no weight loss. Two pounds
doesn't count, neither does 4.
Gave up sugar, have the minimum of flour, no pop, cut down portions,
never been a pies, cookies, cakes, type of person...
and still no weight loss.

Is it my destiny to be fat? I would tell you I didn't start
out fat, but that would not be true...
I thought I started out as 5 # 10 oz,
only to be told in later years it was actually
10# and 5 oz's.... What a revolting thought that was.

I started up in life, small.. I entered high school at
93 pounds and solid. I did barn work, garden work,
house work, played a lot of different sports and
not much time for sitting.

I graduated at 95# with little to no figure. Pencil
like so to speak. Had strong large legs in the
calf area, as I walked and hiked a lot.

Then came adulthood, and kids, and more kids,
and even with running with them, I still worked up
to 140 pounds. Then ranging from 125 to 140 when
not having children.

At the age of 45, I decided to go back to old ways,
walking, running (never was good at that) workouts,
and down to 110, I was. Then I join the work force,
and slowly it inched up. I was busy all the time, but
was back to 140 in no time. And slowly more came.
Middle age spread, well, I must have been spreading
it high and wide.

So here I am in my late 60's and thrown the gamut
over the 200 mark. And I started to work out again.
Walking, but gave up on that. My breathing is not
like it should be. Duh, do you think?

My daughter bought a Wii last year, and then Active and
Wii Fit was added. This year Wii Active 2.. and Wii Fit 2.
But I haven't got to the Wii Fit 2 yet. So I do these 4 times
a week. 30 to 40 minutes at a time. Sweating to the oldie
never got me worked out like this does...

And so far? Nothing. I am firmer, got better balance,but not
feeding into the...well, you have muscle now and they weigh a lot.
While I am not a bowl of jello, I am not losing the pounds either.

Is this my destiny to work out the rest of my life. While the
Wii is a lot of fun to do, I am not having the fun that my body
tells everyone I am. No chocolate bars, pop, milkshakes
that people must think I do...

I will be glad when summer comes and I can bike again.
I sure I could do it now, the weather is good enough. But I didn't
want to plan my life around exercising.

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MarmiteToasty said...

not fat just 'comfortably covered' :)

I lost 3 pound last week, week one of my 'back to me' ... and no Wii Fit in sight LMFAO....

I love you just the way you are.... dont make me send you chocolate lol