Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Tongue is broke...

Actually it isn’t my tongue that is broke,
It is my taster or smeller that is broke.

I see on Hell’s Kitchen where the chef
ask the future head chef to name the
ingredients in some food. And they do
and hit 99% of the ingredients or 100%.
I can’t. But I thought maybe they were

But today, my galpal was over and I told her
you got to taste this stuff. It was something a
friend from England sent. I didn’t tell her
what it was… and she told me the same
thing I thought it tasted like BUT she also
named another ingredient that I knew was in
there, that I could NOT taste.. Yeast.

How did she do that? She said, I just taste
it and there it was. Dang, my taste buds only
got salt, and the beef bullion taste.

My taster is broke.

1 comment:

MarmiteToasty said...

if you're talking about marmite :) did you know its made from the left overs of the brewing industry :) and yep yeast yeast yeast..... dam, now I need marmite on toast for me lunch :)