Monday, January 11, 2010

How Howie Mandel almost got me in trouble...

In 1987, I was working for a nursing home.
and it was almost Holloween, so we were to
come up with a costume for that day.

I had taken a gentleman to the bathroom,
after lunch before I laid him down for his
afternoon nap. Now this gentleman was an
old Marine. So he could be a handful from
time to time. So I sat on the bed waiting for
him, with the door ajar so I could see if he
stood up.

I was thinking about what could I come up
with a disguise or costume. When Howie
Mandel came to mind with his surgical glove
act of a rooster. Using a surgical glove.

So I took one out of my pocket and put it on my
head, and bring it over my nose to try to blow it
up. I don’t know how Howie did that. But I tried
and tried to blow it up, succeeding in getting it
blown up about 1/3 of what it should be. But I
kept trying. I had been at it for about 5 minutes
or so, when my partner came in to see if she
could help me.

Upon closing the door, she lean against it in a
fit of laughter and asked me what the hell was
I trying to do. It took her at least a minute to
get herself under control.. because she laughed
even more when I was trying to explain what I
was doing, as I sat there with a glove on my’

Then I saw her eyes go to the left of me. And then
she really lost it….and she was pointing as she was
leaning against the door in a fit of laughter…….. I
looked to my right, and saw the door of the bathroom
was open, and the gentleman was in a fit of laughter
of his own, holding on to the rail next to him.

I took the glove off my head, and we both help him
off of the toilet. And as we walked him to the bed,
He was still laughing and saying …. She has got to
be the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.

And even days later as I was working and he walked
by or was sitting at a table, he would start laughing and

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