Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Butter or not.....

Well, I gave it a fair shake. I did
use Butter for a week.

I used it on bread, on toast,
and on vegetables, and even
cooked with it.

Sorry, butter eaters, but I just can’t
get it…I have used almost half of the
tub of whipped butter, trying it on different
foods… but it still taste sweet lardy.

Margarine wins hands down.
for taste, for spreadable, butter still
was hard out of the refrigerator.

And as I reported last week, on the
Charts on each item, the margarine
fair much better, far healthier choice.
Less fat, less calories and etc.

So it is back to margarine for us..and
The King agrees. Actually he quit a
day or two after we decided to give
Butter a chance.

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