Friday, October 20, 2006

Watching Mother Nature

I was sitting in the dining room
last night, watching Mother
Nature's show.

It was lighting back and forth
across the sky. On the south
side of us. Looking like across
the lake. Maybe down by Bayview.

All it need was music. I tried about
12 time to take a picture. But it was
too fast for my fingers. Or camera.
But I almost could hear the Boston
Pops, playing as it jumped across
the sky.

I love a good lightening storm.


Phil said...

We turned off all the lights and sat in the living room staring up at the sky through the big picture window. Better than TV! I'm always a little nervous about lightning, but I forced myself to hide my fear so the kids wouldn't pick up on it.

I'm renting a DVD called NOVA: Lightning! so we can understand it better.

PinkAcorn said...

I love watching the lightning up in Cocolalla. The lightning after the 4th of July fireworks was the best! I'll be up in Cocolalla next thus...maybe we can grab a coffee!