Saturday, June 11, 2011

And then there were none....

Here they are... 4 little baby Robins... and this was Friday...

And this is Saturday... messy tenants if you ask me...

We went out on the deck this am, and there was one baby down on the table below the nest.

We sneaked up, swooped him/her up and went to put it back... when another one jumped and

flew out on the lawn. We saw another one and then another... still one left in the nest crying out

for the rest. Mom and Dad up on the garage. We tried to catch them, and put them back as

they didn't fly very well. Well, that was a disaster... so we quit... and figure nature would take

its course. Part of that nature was my cat... no, no... she didn't get them... but it wasn't for lack

of trying. Me, yelling NO, NO..get in to the house... and after a few licks of her chin, she was very

disgusted with me and went in the house. She has been outside off and on all day, we have

not gotten any surprise presents of bird bodies on the deck... So I am hoping they all 4 got

away with out any problems...

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