Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Field of Follies

We have people jumping in or making noise (like Palin) that they are going to run for the Presidential race.. While all are mouthing words they think the American’s want, no one is stepping up to the plate to what they think they
can do. They are quick to tell you what is wrong and who to blame with the Administration we have now…but where is their ideas and how they can change that. What is new about what others have not done, for generations.. And our problems are due to the past generations of Presidents. None can stand very proud.

For everyone who did a little good, also did some bad choices too. And of course, if you read this blog much, you know who I think is the blame. Congress… giving you politics 101 in the past about how Congress can pass any bill they so chose, and the President doesn’t get that right. He can over rule them, but they can come back with a majority and over rule that veto.

So here you have the field of follies, we have women,( as a gal in her 70’s) can’t believe the bimbo’s that have raised to the top. We have so many… so many intelligent woman out there, why aren’t they running. We have two who are famous and highly thought of, by the Tea Party, and they can’t even get history straight. Not that their male counterparts are much better… but these women continuous embarrass us with their shoot from the hip remarks.

It will be interesting to see what the field narrows down to. How the people who actually get to vote, who will they put in the front row of choices. Hopefully other states let all vote, as some as red as my own, want you to chose a party before you step up to vote in the primaries. Leaving those of us, of the Cafeteria Party and so called Independent voters, in the lurk, unless they want to lie as they chose one.

In the last time around, it got down and dirty, actually in the past 3 times. Hopefully the candidates stay on course of what is the issues and tell what they want to do. What they think is best for the country, and not for their party. And stop blaming the President in house, blame all the elections of the past. And come up with a plan.

Obama tried to do that in his YES, WE CAN and his WE HAVE HOPE. And a lot of us voted for that. He did do a lot of things he said he plan on doing. Maybe not like we wanted him to do it, but he did try. Any President elect can tell you, even if they are a previous Congress person, the rules change after that oath, and it isn’t quite as you think.

So good luck voters, it is going to be a rough ride thru the field of follies. And the pickings are thin.

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Kay Dennison said...

Well said! With the array of idiots the GOP has, it's scary. They aren't on the side of us ordinary mortals.

Don't forget to sign on with Bernie Sanders -- to ask the President not to cave to the greedy idiots.