Thursday, June 09, 2011

We have a new diet that works ....

We have a new diet at our home.. and it is working well. First
Off, it helps if you are remodeling your kitchen.

In our remodeling of the kitchen, we had to put our refrigerator
out in the garage. Which isn’t far but it isn’t attached to the house

So now we have to go outside, open the garage door, walk in
and get what ever we plan on eating for our meal. Which means
either many trips or you play the game called, “how many things
can you stack in your arms without it falling off”. Then you walk
back to the house, up the stairs of the deck, and into the house
and try to shut the door. So far 80% of those trips, something
has been forgotten, so have to go back out again. After dinner,
you reverse this trip of stack the pile on your arms. Going down
the stairs that you can not see now, due to the pile. Go to the
garage, try to open the door with full arms, and go inside and
open refrigerator. This demands great balance. Your arms as
well as your legs as you travel back and forth. Oh, and don’t
always depend on your spouse making those trips with you,
but he will definitely help you out, by reminding you what you
forgot to bring to the house.

There are some times, where you decide if it is really worth
going out to the garage to get what ever you decided you
want to eat. Nah, I am good. Of course, if I weaken and
go out, the King will ask me to pick up something for him
too. As he had already decided it wasn’t worth his time to
get it, but being I am going out anyway… could I get him
the item of choice.

This back and forth trips, is good exercise for losing weight.
and then the times I decide it isn’t worth the trip, well that is
just one more thing I don’t eat.

These fun games get even better this weekend…As I have
had a stove and a sink only in the kitchen for a week. Oh,
yea, I have the microwave too. But this is about to change as
the sink goes out tomorrow and the stove gets disconnented

Humm, raw food items, means veggies, and I guess paper
plates are up next.

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