Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Reality Shows

We, as a nation, give too much time to media reality shows.
Pimplike for Bachelorette or Bachelor and the Kardashian family..
What is with that? Let’s rub it into the faces of the poor, the people
who are losing their homes, see how rich and spoiled we are?
My ring is more than what your home is worth, that you are losing?
Kardashians and the list goes on of the rich and famous. Then you have the rich and fallen who are in a rich rehab. No wonder other countries have such a poor ideal of who we are. And it is your fault. Not mine as I can't get the channels and wouldn't watch if I did.
So how do I know about them, the ads for these shows. I did watch the first Bachelor. What a bunch of cow manure that was. The whole thing was a set up first off… and then the women being degraded fighting over this guy.
I lasted only 3 shows. I don’t even want to go to the (fill in the city)
Housewives show. When they tell what they are about, I wonder, how
can one waste time on such stuff…

The only Reality shows we liked were the doctor shows of surgery and etc.
Some of the nature shows… then heard some of that is a set up. And of
course the King likes anything to do with hunting and fishing. Those are the
type we like.

The closest to entertaining reality shows is the American Idol, Sharks,
and America has Talent. At least those are contest and the public gets
to vote on two of them. And kind of, on the 3rd one, as we chose to buy
the product that the inventors are trying to get financial backing.

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