Thursday, June 30, 2011

Demolition Derby...

I have found I like tearing things apart.
I have been at it for years… off and on.. I just
don’t like having to put things together.

I use to tear things apart that my husband were suppose
to do and didn’t get around to it. So I would tear it apart and
he would have to put it together. You would think he would
have caught on and do what project I wanted done. As it is a
lot easier to put things together if you took it apart and know
where all the parts are. Well, actually I guess I did that part
well. Never know when I might have to put it together, so I would
line up the parts in a line of it being taken apart…

Also years ago, in the 1970’s my deceased husband and I ran a
scrap iron business… So it was our job to tear things apart and
smash it. We use to burn cars (before EPA) so we could remove
the copper wire under the dash. Also it helped smash the car down
to about ¼ of the size it was. Then we would load 12 to 17 (depending
on size) cars on a semi bed, and take them to Renton for scrap. At the tune
of $8 a ton, or $12 a ton if the market was good. He would really be
blasted away to learn the prices now. But then we were paying 21 cents
a gallon for gas and our house payment was $50 a month.

Anyway, during our kitchen remodel, I have had the chance to fulfill this
fun job of tearing things apart. Like walls. Not the studs, but the drywall.
One of the jobs I had was peeling the ceiling. Which started out as fun.
Like in popping bubble wrap, the fun is the peel. Large sections would come
off… but then it got to the tough parts, that didn’t scrap off so fast. Seems
when the person who put the paint and texture on years and years ago,
they used some kind of shiny paint under the texture. So we had to rough
it up after we removed the texture.

This week, as we get ready to enter to the other 2/3rds of the project, we
have more drywall that has to come down. Fun fun fun, but the King doesn’t
think that is fun. I have all of our stuff removed and put out into the garage.
Hopefully in 2 weeks we will have the other section done. Then I have to
find some place for all of our stuff. 14 totes, 3 shelves worth.

So are you into the tearing apart things, or are you into the rebuilding part?
And have you tore things apart in frustration to get your husband started in
to a project you have wanted done and he keeps postponing?

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