Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Not the blog site, but the home site... so won't be blogging for the rest of the week..
Unless something too good to pass by happens.
We got more drywall put up... have 3 small patches to do tomorrow.. and then it
is paper and mud time.... After that, it will be some floor work, and then texture,
and after that... painting time...THEN the cabinets go in.. and moving the stove.
We thought we would be further, but thought while we have everything torn
apart, we would put in new insulation... after all the ones there were 50 years
old. So put that in and new dry wall...
So you all have a great time in the sunshine they have promised. I will be the
old lady with white hair who will be covered with white dust... Hopefully have
some picture for you next Monday of either progress... or finish job...Phase

Misty walking thru and inspecting...

Another wall done.

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