Monday, June 13, 2011

Déjà Vu,

This is a long time ago... I believe it was 1975 or 76. We bought a house that didn't have
a sink, nor water to the house. Running water meant running out to the pump shed and
use the fawcet there. So for a month, I did dishes this way. Large pan was filled with
water and then heated on the stove. (we didn't have a water heater either) and the bucket
was cold water for rinsing.

Well, here we are... 36 years later. And another kitchen, everything removed except

the stove. We are eating off of paper plates and cooking on the grill. So there is little

]dishes to wash, but still... So here I am back to washing in a pan. Plastic this time.

Here is the automatic dish drier... the dish rack on the back of the car, after being

rinsed, then sprayed rinsed, and air dry.

And in the line of how little things mean a is my first wall.

YAHOO... I have a wall..!!! 1 and half to go... (others are in phase 2 of the project.)

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