Thursday, June 15, 2017

Let me tell you about a Dad.....

Usually when we talk about a Dad, we talk about
Our own.  And I did have a great Dad…

But let me tell you about another Dad…

This guy came to the family, with out any children
Of us own… Never been married before. Married
At the age 47.

In a lot of Portuguese families.. one son gets
Left home with the parents.  And if the father dies
That son, is left to help our the family left at home.
Each child leaves home to do their own thing.. But
The left behind son… takes care of the Mom, after
All have flown the coup.  Some times the son is
Married and has chlld and it becomes a 3 generation
Home.  But a lot of times.. he doesn’t.

This guy is one of those. He watched as his oldest
Brother left, as well as the younger brother and the
Sister. He was the dutiful son.

But then he got wrangled into a family of 8 kids.
Luckily for him.. they were all adults by the time
He joined us.  But I can tell you, he fit like a glove.
He is called at least once a week by one son..
The other sons, check in.. often too. They are the
Ones who he calls when there is a auto problem
He can’t solve. Same with them.  And they are the
Boys who came and painted his 47. 

In August we go see one of the granddaughters get
Married.. and then spend a week helping one of the
Boys remodel his garage.  He volunteered.

The oldest he goes fishing with, when he can.
The girls..well, as I noted the other day.. when one
Of them got mad at me.. she was still talking to him.
The other one, who lives local, can rely on him to fix

He loves tormenting the grandchildren. And he is always
Teasing the local one who they do auto projects together.
And the great grandchildren.. are always getting hugs,
And lots of loves. And they take naps together in his chair.
 He even got up at 11pm to run to
The hospital to welcome in our great grandson to the
Family. And to hug his grandson, the new dad…

He might not be blood related.. but don’t try to run that
By the kids, grandkids or even the great grandkids.
See his is DAD… POPPA….and I proudly call him,

HAPPY FATHER’S DAD, the KING…of our family.

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