Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Talk Show Host...and it is beyond me

The King and I had been watching NBC, at 6:30pm on
Sunday night.. and then that lead into the new show with
Megan Kelley…. And her interview with a talk show host.
Alex Jones.   I had never heard of him.  Did catch a little
Bit on a news show or something about how she got panned
For his interview.

The Sandy Hook school killings were a hoax.. For those
Under a rock.. that is the school where the teenager went
In and shot and killed 20 some odd children and teachers.
In Connecticut.  

How this clown can believe that is a hoax is beyond me.
How he figures that the parents in their grief would make
This up.. is beyond me.. And frankly it disgust me.. click
Turn channel…

It is hard to believe this so called excuse for a human
Being.. has such a great following (from looking to see
Who is this piece of work) is beyond my understanding.
To even think that such a foul person, with such foul
Thoughts, who feeds the minds of some people who
Live in American is …… again.. beyond me.

He makes Rush Limbaugh seem like a Sunday school
Teacher.. I don’t like Rush either.

I had wondered if this is the world of today. Are we
Promoting hatred talk shows?  But I do remember
Reading years ago about a hateful talk show host.
He was kind of a Archie Bunker type…at least he
Started out that way.. and then got a lot worse. I
Think his name was Joe Pyne.  (just looked it up.
And yes that is the name)  So this hate talk is not
New. Wish it wasn’t so. 

With the shootings, running people over and etc.
We really need to mellow out, find tolerance, find
A way to turn this curve of hatred that seems to
Gather as it goes down the hill.. Because if we don’t,
This world.. yes, world.. won’t be worth a damn.
Never mind America. It breaks my heart to hear it,
See it.. and I won’t watch it.

Like a drop in the bucket.. if we were all to be kinder
To our fellow man/woman… maybe it would make a
Difference.  Some how, I don’t think that is going to


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