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Throw back Thursday.. July 29, 2005

 JULY 29, 2005

Rokon's Staff

I have always loved cats. Dogs are
cool but I like cats better.

I use to have a sweet male cat
that was black. He was a sweet
heart, who greet me as I came home
from work in the morning. He
would hear my vehicle drive up
and jump up on the back of the
couch that was near the door.

He got use to eating at 5 am or 6 am..
Either Sweetie was going to work and
would feed him before I got home.
Or if Sweetie was off, then he ate
when I got home. But on the rare
weekends that I had off, which meant
no one was up at 5 or 6... he would
be ready to eat. He could not get us
to wake with him meowing, so he came
up with another plan. We had touch
tone lamps.. So he would rub back and
forth until it got up to the high beam..
And it is hard to sleep with lights in
your eyes.But then we lost him to
leukemia, about 5 years ago.

At the end of December last year,
I ended up going to the animal shelter
to JUST LOOK at cats. My grandson
had been after me to get another cat.
He has two and loves cats also. So after
quite a bit of persistence, I said I
would go just LOOK.

I had looked at many in several
rooms. Not finding any I really could
get attached to. I went in with the
mind if I got one I would get a male.
In the final room, I saw a smaller cat she latched on to me. As I
was petting her, I thought I would like
to have her. So called Sweetie. He was
not receptive to the idea. But he had
gotten a hunting scooter the Sept. before.
I was not crazy about that and told
him so. So I reminded him about the
scooter and that I had not given him as
much of a bad time over that, as he was
over the cat. So he said, fine... but it is
YOUR cat (remember this) and it is
your problem..Get a good liter box. So
went to the counter and signed up for
her. And they were having a discount
on cats.

My grandson held her as I sign up and
drove home. He was thrilled. Now for
a name... When Sweetie came home,
he looked at her and said what did you
call her. And is she fixed. I told him yes,
she was fixed. And her name is ROKON..
Now we both have ROKON'S that the
other isn't fond of. You see that is the brand
name of his hunting scooter.

So here we are now 8 months later. And
Rokon has us trained well. My other cat
was a house cat. Rokon decided that
was not to be for her. She likes to hide in
the grass. She comes and goes as she
pleases. The old screen on the front door
serves her well for going in and out. So we
have to shut the door if we want to keep
her in. And she protests greatly. Never seen
a cat's mouth open so wide.

And at night? Well, she comes
strolling in...if it pleases her. When
it pleases her. She has come up on the
back deck, gets 4 feet from the door
as I call... and looks at me, then as if to
say.....NAH, I don't think so, maybe
later. and walks off. Even with Sweetie
(remember who told me it was MINE
cat?) calls for her... "here baby doll, here
baby".... Some times she comes in for him
and sometimes not.

Now she has decided the other side of
the road has taller grass than we have
and is more fun. I have done everything
possible to discourage this. As I
don't want her to be roadkill. She loves to go
in the culvert under our driveway.

And one night when I decided not to play
her game and left her out ... well, she came
in at 5am telling me what she thought of me..

They say that people own dogs,
but cats have staff... sorry to say..
but in our house... we are Rokon's staff...

sadly this past year.. Rokon got a liver disease and we had to put her to sleep.. that was a really rough time for us..

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