Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The New Normal.....

Yesterday, we started the “new normal”. It is where
We go back to what we use to do, but with an
Empty spot in us.  After all the things that have
To be done, after a person passes.

Back to the laundry on Monday, out in the yard
Pulling weeds, and the other normal things
One does day after day.

Did have something curious happen to me in the
Past 2 weeks..

A couple weeks ago, I was helping a galpal. She
Broke her arm, so I offered to come over and
Plant her plants that she started in her green
House.  As she can’t get down on the ground
And plant them.   But we ended up working on
A old garden area, that she decided she wanted
To turn into a chicken run.  Figuring it would help
The garden for later.  So using old wood and etc.
We put together.. patched together a make shift
Pen.  While doing it.. it became kind of frustrating
Because I would pick up a board to use and she
Would tell me.. ‘not that one, or no, not that one either.
They were all old boards and some of them partly
Rotted.. So to me, what difference did it make. But
It is her project..  about that time.. a butterfly
Buzzed me by…. And then back again.. A yellow
With black butterfly.  Didn’t think much of it, but I
Did find myself mellowing out and continue helping

Now fast forward to this past Sunday… we are
Out at a friend’s house.  It is the place with the
Bears.  We took our daughter there with her
Husband.  I have a picture of her.. and she looks
Like a 4 year old, with an expression of glee, as she
Sees and feeds them.   The King and I were sitting
In chairs and looking over the lawn towards the old
Cabin, where the bears hang out.  And as I thought
About Julie’s reaction to the bears… a butterfly..
Yellow with black on it… just like the other one ….
Buzzed by me..and then back again.. by the King
And i… I looked at the King.. with a question like
Face.. and he said.. wow…

I told my granddaughter about it.. yesterday.  And
She told me that the 2 day after her mom had passed,
She was outside.. and she too… saw a yellow with
Black butterfly… she had a calming feeling and told
Her 6 year old about it.. the 6 year old went to look
Out the window… and that very same butterfly came
Up and landed on the window in front of her face.. and
Then flew off.

You might think I am crazy… but I feel like it was Julie,
Letting us know she is ok.. And my granddaughter feels
The same.. especially after I told her what happen to

So today, is day two of the new normal… not fond of
The new normal… but will get thru it..

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