Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My cousin, Dick….

I learn yesterday that I have lost another cousin.
But this time, it was expected.. he was 81
And has had Alzheimer’s for 8 years.
The past 2 weeks he has gotten weaker.
So it is rather sad…

But let me tell you about my cousin Dick.

Dick at the age of 15 got his own tow truck.
And ran it .. himself, in a small town in R.I.
In those days you didn’t have to be 18.
And when he got more money, he got an ambulance.  In those days, an ambulance was
Mostly a truck van like, with a first aid kit in it.
The point was to rush you to the hospital. And
Hope you lived that long.  When there was a need
For both, he had his dispatcher drive the
Ambulance.  His Mom.

I love listening to him tell the stories about how
The mafia tried to put him out of business, and
Then decided they liked him and respected him,
So they protected him after that.  He saw some
Pretty raw stuff..  But never open his mouth about
Anything he saw or heard.  Guess that is why they
Left him alone.

Later he had a gas station, when the ambulance
Vehicles got more advanced.  Then later in life
He switched to small motors.. lawn mowers and
Snow blowers. 

He and my dad were best of buds. More like
Father and son, than uncle and nephew.
Also trading stuff.  Mom would watch Dad like
A hawk when he would come home from Dick’s
House. Because he would always have something
That Dick gave him or traded. Much to Mom’s
Displeasure.   Just before Dad died, Dick moved
To Florida with his long time girlfriend.  Which
Was a kick in half.  It took about 10 loads or more
To Florida to get his stuff there.. and that wasn’t
Counting Lois’s stuff and the house hold.  He end
Up getting 2 or 3 huge garages built on his property.   Talk about a mess for his family to clean up after he moved away.   He moved with Lois to a nursing home in Va. To be near Lois’s neice who
Helped them.   Lois passed away last year. 

So Dick lead a great life.. full of fun… and now he is
Up there trading stories with my dad and my brother, along with his mom and dad.

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