Monday, June 12, 2017

Nothing feels as good as home..

As we were traveling home from Longview, Washington, on Thursday..
Nothing reminded me more than that …I love Idaho.

It was a combo of many things.. It was the weather, although Idaho
Does get similar weather… it was the people… I thought our group
Could be a little rude…but nothing like dealing with some of the vehicles
On the road on highway 5.  And then there is the Olympia to northern
Tacoma parking lot that they call a section of highway.

And then there was the Highway 90 group.. which had construction, of
Course… which did not add to the enjoyment of the drivers. We got
Flipped off more times, just for following the rules..  The signs said,
Left lane closed ahead… So we got over when it was possible. Never
Nudging, or demanding our space…  So as we were following the
Traffic along for about 3 miles.. at the last minute whose who passed
Us on the left.. all sudden felt entitled to be let in front of us.  And
When we followed those in front of us.. we were told we were number

Then there is the housing.. one on top of the other.. not apartments,
Just houses that were what appeared to be, 10 feet apart.  And
Apartments.. WOW… in Seattle.. they are huge, Someone referred
To them as people warehouses.. that about covers it..

So when we started across the wonderful Long Bridge (that
Is it’s name) it was glorious.. We still had a little over 2 miles

To go yet.. but it seem like arriving home..  

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