Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Are we scared enough yet?

I don't know about anyone else, but
I am tired of being scared by the media,
and the government and whoever else tells
us to be scared. Well, maybe not in those
exact words.

The sky is falling, chicken little effect is
starting to get to me. We have been put
on alert so many times over the terrorist,
that I envision them over there in their
underground caves or where ever they are
hiding, saying..."Well, what story shall
we send out today. Do you think we should
do a video, or just a message?"

They don't have to send anyone over here,
to bomb anything. They can just drop the
word to a media source and the race is on.
Watch out! Be on alert! Police will be checking
everyone at every bus door, train door and etc.

And of course, we have the latest one, where
our head honcho of Security, says he has a
"gut feeling". What? He has a gut feeling?
That is it? What about all that fancy dancy
equipment to hear everyone in the world?
What about all of our spies?

It is summer time and he has a gut feeling?
What the heck is that? By the way, last I
knew September 11th was fall not summer.
At least in my book.

We can't get on a plane without being
thoroughly search. We can't go in subways
without having police all over the place. We
have more privacy reminders thru HIPPA,
yet the powers that be, can access our credit
rating, bank statements and listen to our
phone conversations and etc. without any warrant?

I am so tired of being scared. Am I scared of the
students who had firecrackers in their trunk of their
car outside of Charleston, South Carolina? Or maybe
I should be scared of the Iraqi looking gas station
owner. Heck, we even have our fair share of radicals
in house.. in the good old United States, who are
natural citizens.

I suppose if I ignore the warnings, others will say
I am putting my head in the sand. Which might be
true...but it sure is easier on the heart and emotions.


Betty said...

You are right on! They have cried "wolf" too many times, now.

PinkAcorn said...

Does that mean you're voting for Hilary? Since she believes in lobbying I'm sure she won't hesitate to take "the m-o-n-e-y" for her campaign from some unsuspecting group with terrorist connections. Now that scares me!