Thursday, August 30, 2007

Read all about it.....

We have a President who taught,
even children, about the words Oral
Sex and about cigars. And a Senator
who is teaching the youth and a lot of
us adults about signals for men to men
sex. Tap 3 times and slide your foot.

Of course, all this comes thru the media.
You know maybe the old way was best.
Papers that gave us old news, and radio
and television who didn't give us scandal

Then we have the sports. Drugs, and
spousal abuse and now how to have
dog fights and killing the losers.

We have teachers who have been
abusing the kids, and ministers and
Priest. All of which was whispered
about before, now is national news.

And of course there are parents who
have done their share. Just who do kids
really get to trust? It is all in the headlines.

So do we really want to give newspapers
to the schools for classes? Do we get some
one to scan the paper before, to make sure
it is readable for children?

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Dogwalkmusings said...

Point well taken Tosser but I think today's kids, even very young ones, are way ahead of the curve!