Friday, August 24, 2007

County Fair Time

And don't pass up this place.... you will know a piece of heaven in the food department.

It is the end of the summer and it
is Fair time. We are a small community,
so ours is free. They were thinking about
charging for the parking, and changed their
mind. So there really isn't a reason to skip

My favorite part of Fairs are the kids. Both
watching them as they go thru the animal
section, and those who participate in it.

The 4 H section is a great place to walk thru
to see the creative minds of our youth. So is the
different animal barns. The hard work that they
have done thru the year to raise their animal for
the county fair. With the sheep, pigs and beef
going into their sale, to be able to make a profit
and buy another one for next year. Helps not
only on the taking care of an animal, but teaches
business as well.

I love the quilts, the pictures, even some of the
vendors. The sausage man is always busy. And
of course the food court with all the different
organizations who have their specialty. You
have the usual hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries.
But then there is the Grange with the dinners of
hot meat and gravy. And who can go to the Fair
without eating elephant ears. I was looking for
the funnel cakes, but there wasn't any. That is
my favorite, but if you have seen them, you know
I really didn't need it. It is like a giant donut. Cake
dough that is fried in a circle with lots of powder
sugar. Some times fruit sauce poured over it.
Nope, I really didn't need one.

Then there is the performers. Different musicians
and yesterday, I got to not only watch and listen to
Marianne Love read out of her recent book, but the
icing on the cake was that the chapter she wrote
about the laughing teacher. He was sitting in the
audience, some times laughing, some times red
faced as we got to know, it was HIM who had turn
Marianne into a laughing bubble out of control.

Yes, go to your local County Fair. You might have
to pay, but it is worth the price. Take the kids, but
stay away from the carnie side (ours doesn't have
one) and head to the 4H side, first. It will delight every
child, even the one inside of you.

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Dogwalkmusings said...

Hey! The German Sausage guy's dad lives up the road from me! Bacchus and I see the rig parked in his drive between gigs!