Friday, August 31, 2007

Do we have it to feel again?

With the 10th year anniversary of
Princess Diane death, it made me
think of the past years. 10 years
ago,the nations of the free world,
and maybe beyond shed tears. It
was on the television for many hours
in many nations.

The last time I knew of such a thing
happening, was when John F. Kennedy
was killed. About at 24 year span, I think.
But again, nations cried and watched for

Both of these time of sorrow, still bring up
sadness in a lot of us, to this day. It isn't
just where were you when this happen, but
the lost. Lost of innocents, lost of some one
that people felt could make a difference in
mankind. Yes, there were and are still people
who didn't feel that way. But even most of them
felt the sorrow.

We have other things that have happen. Where
the news would have it on for hours. 9-11crash.
The space ship that crashed during landing. And
the one in 1986. But these have gone on to be
mostly trivial questions. Maybe the except is
the 9-11, but even that has dulled over the years,
unless you were directly involved.

I wonder will we ever have anyone of the dynamics
of these two people. Who will effect the nations and
people for so long of a time. I know there are stars,
who have died. But only their fans feel the sorrow
thru the years.

And who knows, maybe it is only
the fans of Diane and JFK, that still have the sad
feeling when they still read about the good things
that they did. And wonder what would have happen
if they had remain with us. Maybe that is God's
balance, the unknown.

But now we seem to be so jade. We hear about
the faltering of our leaders, not only in bad choices
of politics but also in their personal lives, and we
treat it like yesterdays news and want to know what
is next on the menu of life.

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Betty said...

We relive our grief much to much. MSNBC actually replayed Diana's entire funeral. It's ok to make mention of the trajedy, but to have to relive the whole thing ten years later is just wrong. We need to move on.