Monday, September 03, 2007


Should he have or should he have not?

This is sad to say. But I don't know much
about Senator Larry Craig. Yes, he is my
state's Senator. But I don't know his voting
in Congress record. I don't know of any thing
he has done to be outstanding (before this
past week). I have never had to call on him
for help, so I don't know how much he does
for the voters of Idaho. But....

In less than a week the media and the
Republican party tore down a Senator's

Granted he made the choice to walk in
to that bathroom and allegedly, did a
series of steps that is known to police
officers to be signals for gay men.
And these allegedly steps lead to his

His 2nd bad choice, was to do a plead
bargain (not much of a bargain) instead
of getting legal advice.

His 3rd, was not to tell his wife of many
years about it the same day it happen or
at least as soon as he got home. To have
the media starting its news storm, and then
telling her is unforgivable. No matter what
the truth is..

The media and people in general, made
a judgment call on this, like a fireball rolling
thru the forest, going down hill.

4th bad choice, was not to come clean on this,
even if it were to be true. He would have saved
face if he had pulled the "Jimmy S. I have sinned"
card and come clean on it. It surely would have
doused some of the flame.

It is hard to believe his story.
Surely he doesn't think we are dumb
enough to believe him with the "I thought
it would go away if I did it fast" bit. The
rest of us would have been bellowing loudly,
that police were out of their mind. That in
no way did we do it. We would have been
screaming for a lawyer. To plead guilt to
have it go away quickly, is a very poor judgment.
Not a Senatorial judgment. (well, not the
kind we want).

But with all that said and done, should
he have stepped down? Was he voted for
his sex preferences or for his voting style
and record? Granted a gay sex preference
could close down some of the voters, but
we have many elected persons who are of
the gay persuasion. And they are doing
fine in Congress.

Why so fast? Doesn't one try to get all of
the facts before a conclusion is brought
forward? Wouldn't we all want to have all
the facts brought out if it was us. To be
judged and convicted in the media and
party in less than a week? It is really
surprising how fast he was condemn by
his own party. Was that their way to
quickly get it swept under the rug, before
the big elections?

I can understand why he would want to.
The way his party chewed him up and
spit him out, also to save face for his wife.
He owes her that much. She is a stand by
your man, type of wife. Now time will tell,
if there is more to it than appears, will he be
able to save face or will he become a trivial

I am sure happy to be a member of the
Cafeteria Party.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Well, Labor Day is here. It's time to really start promoting that ole cafeteria party!

Betty said...

I don't think his sexual preferences had much to do with the way his colleagues threw him over the side. I think they were worried about the hypocracy of his rigid stance over the years. It's all about perception.